Smart Health Global

Technology and partnerships to improve health services for hard to reach communities!

We are a team of public health and information technology professionals residing around the globe working together to improve the health of hard-to-reach communities.

Virtual Care (Telehealth)

Connecting doctors and specialists to health facilities in geographically remote areas.

Care Coordination

Digital tools to help health workers record and provide efficient care to their patients.

Engagement + Partnerships

Partnerships with governmental and non-governmental entities of all level for strengthening health systems.

How we’re improving health access?

Virtual Care (Telehealth)

Health workers in remote health facilities use our toolkit to connect and consult with doctors and specialists, which leads to better diagnosis and health services.

Patient Info and Care Coordination

Our toolkit provides an easy platform to store and access health information of patients and coordinate care for services like maternal and child health, immunization and nutrition.

Our Partners

Together in providing better health services to the under-served

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