Health workers at a digital health training by Smart Health Global Nepal

Our Work

We Build Digital Health Solutions For Universal Health Coverage

We design, develop, test, implement and scale new tools, technologies and programs to improve people’s health and well-being by ensuring an equitable and accessible public health system. Our tools and partnerships aim to provide reliable, quality and comprehensive health care for the hardest to reach under-served communities.

Design: Innovative tech solutions developed collaboratively with the users and stakeholders.
Deploy: Implementation with the governments and partners adopting efficient & effective processes.
Impact: Generation of data for monitoring and decision making.

Our Current Works


Telehealth for Rural Communities

Connect rural and under-served communities with advanced health care services. Deliver health services to those who need them the most.


Digital Tools for Better Care Coordination

Support health workers and community health workers with digital health tools which can help to coordinate and deliver quality health care services to all.  


Engagement to Strengthen Health System

We work with governments to build and sustain high-quality, data-driven community health systems, and we advocate globally.